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Hello, my name is Martin Björkström. This is my blog, where my intentions is to write about the results of my software related tinkering. I am a father of three, fiancé of one, and a Open Source contributor.

gRPC Server Reflection in the .NET world

Posted on Wednesday, 08 July 2020

gRPC Server Reflection is an optional extension for servers to assist clients in runtime construction of requests without having stub information precompiled into the client.

I ported my blog to Statiq

Posted on Monday, 20 April 2020

About six months ago, I got assigned a task to write a convention-driven documentation generator at work. Our first thought was to use Wyam for this, but after discussions with Dave Glick, he lured us into trying a new shiny project he was working on called Statiq. Creating a new site with Wyam at that point would've resulted in a rewrite once Statiq was released since it would make Wyam obsolete.

Testing protected Azure Functions running in a container on your local machine

Posted on Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Recently I had to create an Azure Function using a custom container. The reason was a client of mine did some really cool things using Puppeteer, and now they wanted to run this in an Azure Function. So, I went to docs.microsoft.com and found a great tutorial on how to create a function on Linux using a custom container. However, a little bit into the tutorial, in the build the container image and test locally section, I noticed something very annoying, namely this: