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Hello, my name is Martin Björkström. This is my blog, where my intentions is to write about the results of my software related tinkering. I am a father of three, fiancé of one, and a Open Source contributor.

I ported my blog to Statiq

Posted on Monday, 20 April 2020

About six months ago, I got assigned a task to write a convention-driven documentation generator at work. Our first thought was to use Wyam for this, but after discussions with Dave Glick, he lured us into trying a new shiny project he was working on called Statiq. Creating a new site with Wyam at that point would've resulted in a rewrite once Statiq was released since it would make Wyam obsolete.

Testing protected Azure Functions running in a container on your local machine

Posted on Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Recently I had to create an Azure Function using a custom container. The reason was a client of mine did some really cool things using Puppeteer, and now they wanted to run this in an Azure Function. So, I went to docs.microsoft.com and found a great tutorial on how to create a function on Linux using a custom container. However, a little bit into the tutorial, in the build the container image and test locally section, I noticed something very annoying, namely this:

Creating a language server using .NET

Posted on Thursday, 29 November 2018

A Language Server is meant to provide the language-specific smarts and communicate with development tools over a protocol that enables inter-process communication.